Friday, 15 August 2008


You will never get to the top all by yourself. The only time you don’t need partners is when you have a small dream. The greatest product of creation was achieved through partnership.... “Let US make man ...” The assignment of Jesus Christ on earth would have been useless if He didn’t partner with 12 men we refer to as disciples.....

“One shall chase a thousand, and two shall put ten thousand to flight...”

There is power in partnering. Unlike mathematics, in partnership, 1+1=11. For the reason that, when I am in partnership with you, I enjoy everything you are that I am not; your contacts, your skills, your thought patterns... everything!

The problem with many people is that they want to struggle alone, while some others FAKE partnership.... They partner with people just to exploit them.... It doesn’t take long before those involved get to know. Tricks are for kids and whoever does it becomes a gallant loser at the end. Dear friends, the benefits of partnership should be mutual!

If your idea must work, if your business must grow, if your organization must listen to you, PARTNER WITH PEOPLE. When you get down to partnership, tell those involved what their benefits are – in black and white!

In the business world, charity doesn’t work, neither does friendship. What works is partnership! If you can partner with people, you will reduce your struggles and achieve more.

The stinginess and one-man-rioter mentality that has held this nation captive and has continually frustrated our entrepreneurs must die a natural death.

Make a resolve to partner with someone who has what you don’t have, but what you know your dream needs.

You must happen!

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