Wednesday, 27 August 2008


The most important vision killer I think we ought to know about is our CONDITIONS, LIMITATIONS and our CIRCUMSTANCES; they will always try to stifle our dreams, more than anything else.
Your immediate limitations and circumstances do not wrestle what is not dear to you; they fight where you are headed. Circumstances and limitations battle with your sight, they contend with our vision... I believe it is for this sole reason the Holy book advises us to always live by faith [vision], not by sight [conditions].

I want to make a little reference to a story in the bible:

The bible recounts a very beautiful experience of how Jesus walked on water [a very deep sea, so deep was it that it sank a boat]. His disciple, Peter, who was inside the sinking, screamed to his Master that he equally wanted to ‘walk on water’.

In response, Jesus bade him “COME”.

Peter stepped on the water and began to walk on it. Despite the depth of the sea, Peter was able to walk on it as though he was on a dry land, as long as his EYES were on his VISION (Jesus).

The moment he removed his eyes from his vision (Jesus) and focused on his condition (the sea), he began to sink.

Everything was going well for him until he gave his limitations some attention... Everything was alright, until he thought about what he lacked.... he began to SINK because he removed his eyes from his vision and inabilities...

Without a vision, the people PERISH... We must stop looking at the wrong things; else those things we used to walk on will start walking on us.

Write your vision. Keep your eyes on it as you journey through life. Your eye on the vision is what determines how well you will rise above the vicissitudes of life. Every vision carries with it the ability to take the visioner to the top, irrespective of how horrible his condition or limitation are. All you have to do is learn to fight ALL distractions.

Anything that disturbs your vision will ultimately affect your mobility. Scriptures says: “For as far as your eyes can see, I will give unto you...” What this means is that, anything you can see, you will attract – negative or positive!

Dear friend, choose what you want to see today, and make sure you choose positive.

Perhaps, you may have been experiencing certain kinds of stumbling, fumbling, trembling and retardation, check what your eyes has been on. Probably, you have been focusing on the wrong things.

Always remember this, as long as Peter’s eyes were on his vision, he didn’t experience failures. The moment he focused on his conditions and limitations, he began to fail.

You must happen!

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